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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013: Preorder Batch 2 - CLOSED!

Amabelle Belacan

MMH's Customer: Amabelle Mustard

MMH's Customer: Amabelle Purple

MMH's Customer: Amabelle Magenta

MMH's Customer: Amabelle Red

Details from back n front

Neck n wrist details


* material:Moss Crepe
 *measurement : Refer picture with measurement above
* trivia: Piping Neckline.. Material not Stretchable.

(hot item, first pay first serve.. tq)

(Open for Preorder: 30 50 spots available) 
  1. Paid: Hasliza (Lilac M)    
  2. Paid: Nor Eifazihan (Pink L)  
  3. Paid: Noor Hidayah (Pink S
  4. Paid: Nizaini (Pink M)  
  5. Paid: Nizaini (Mint Green M
  6. Paid: Ainna Najwa (Peach S)  
  7. Paid: Nooraishah (Peach S)
  8. Paid: Norfaieza (Lilac M)
  9. Paid:  Munirah (Mint Green S
  10. Paid: Arianayanty (Light Blue S
  11. Paid: Nor Aqilah (Pink M)   
  12. Paid: Norhaslinda (Mint Green M
  13. Paid: Nona Rosnida (Pink XL)  
  14. Paid: Siti Noraisah (Lilac M)   
  15. Paid: Juriah (Mint Green S)  
  16. Paid: Juriah (Mint Green M)    
  17. Paid: Juriah (Mint Green M)
  18. Paid:  Mira Izzaty (Mint Green M)
  19. Paid:  Auni Izzati (Mint Green L)
  20. Paid:  Haliza (Peach XXL
  21. Paid:  Nuha Muneerah  (Light Blue L
  22. Paid:  Nuha Muneerah (Mint Green L)
  23. Paid:  Jaja Haiza (Mint Green S)   
  24. Paid:  Ida Syafirah (Pink M)  
  25. Paid:  Nurfaieza (Light Blue M
  26. Paid: Nur Fatin Hannani (Mint Green S
  27.   Paid: Norsahlawati (Mint Green L)
  28. Paid: Liyana Azizan (Pink L)
  29. Paid: Aimi Mardhiah (Mint Green XXL
  30. Paid: Emy Suraya (Pink M)    
  31. Paid: Emy Suraya (Peach M
  32. Paid: Nurul Amirah (Mint Green S
  33. Paid: Nur Amalina (Light Blue XXL)
  34. Paid: Roslita (Pink S)
  35. Paid: Roslita (Mint Green S)
  36. Paid: Siti Farhana (Light Blue L)
  37.  Paid: Siti Farhana (Light Yellow S)
  38. Paid: Hayati (Lilac S)
  39. Paid: Azie Borhan (Pink S)
  40. Paid: Marni Salima (Pink XL)
  41. Paid: Nurhani Izazie (Peach M
  42. Paid: Nur Atiqah Balqis (Peach S)    
  43. Paid:  Nur Jazilah (Mint Green XXL)
  44. Paid:  Amira Syazwani (Lilac XXL)
  45. Paid:  Aizahani (Peach XL
  46. Paid:  Nur Afiqah (Peach L)
  47. Paid:  Arnie Raina (Peach S)  
  48. Paid:  Arnie Raina (Pink S)
  49. Paid:  Mastura (Lilac S
  50. Paid:  Mastura (Mint Green S)   
  51. Paid:  Nina Mastura (Light Yellow M)   
  52. Paid:  Diyana Aqila (Mint Green S)
  53. Paid:  Aslindawani (Pink L)
  54. Paid:  Norhafiszah (Light Yellow XXL)
  55. Paid:  Aniwati (Mint Green L
  56. Paid:  Liyana Ahmad (Mint Green S)  


Modish Mode House

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